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Employment verification is a process of reviewing, checking, finding and validating the information given by prospective applicant or employee at the time of employment application. It is kind of investigation activity performed against the employee through compiling the History records of employee. The employee all previous records are verified by Human Resource department either by direct involvement or through authorized agents. 
The Employment background verification is very confidential activity to be performed to check all the previous records related to Employment Records, Professional Records, Personal Records, Financial Records, Criminal Records, Medical Records, Family Records, Educational Records and Social Participation of employee. The BGV process is very helpful to check the reliability, suitability, ethical, social and Public behavior of individual. Since the present market is very dynamic and competent, this requires very trusted and loyal employees. 

Any wrong Recruitment or wrong hiring will lead to damage to Company transparency, Business goal and wrong impact to other employees. To avoid such unforeseen incidents, All organizations are practicing the Employee Back Ground Verification very strongly. 
Abhyudaya HR is taking up the different Employee Back Ground Verification cases and successfully validating the vital information of Applicants. We cover all kinds of BGV process from simple Employment verification to Complete Criminal and legal verifications. We have good network of team and prominent resources in handling the each and every case individually. 

We do perform all the verifications through Telephonic mode, Personal Visits, Dig the records using different searching sources, World Data Bases, All Magistrate and Legal Records and Use different financial reports. 
We are unique in finding the fraudulent cases using our Internal Databases, Social Network alerts, Government Web portals and Legislative body support. 
Our Key Back Ground Verification Elements are as follows.