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Every Organization strives for development of Key Talent and their betterment; Talent Development is the strategic functional activity of HR aimed at bettering the job performance of employees and Teams in the Organization. Talent Development is continuous process which involves sharpening the Skills, changing Attitudes of Individuals, enhancing the productivity, strengthens the Team work, develops the Self ownership and efficacy. 

Talent development is old mantra and emerging trend in employee development by continuous learning concepts towards Organization goals and Individual career progress. Employee development is integral part of employee career cycle at all levels of employment from basic Orientation training to advance succession development. 

The importance and popularity of Talent development is increasing in all the organizations and Stake Holders are spending valuable budgets and concentrating on Employee Trainings, Career development, Organization Change Management, Successor development, Leadership development and Many more learning opportunities for their Human Capital. 


Abhyudaya HR with proven years of success in Employee Training and development through our Training Wing body “HR Champions”. 

Abhyudaya HR trained, developed and provided Career coaching to the Executives, Professionals, Teams and Key Leaders in the Organization. Our Training Team is come up with more experience in delivering the multiple Training programs, Individual development plans and Life Skills development counseling sessions. 
We are continuously giving and developing the HR Buddies, Industry accepted HR professionals through our Core – HR Generalist Learning Program. The sessions are interactive, Practical, Experimental and Case study based approach. 

We proudly say, so far we have trained above 1000 professionals and delivered 12 Lacs training hours through our HR Champion wing. It is our greatest success and milestones in Talent development solutions wing. 

Our Talent Development Programs are well customized as per Organization’s requirement, Project or Goals oriented. 

Our Key Training programs are as follows