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Corporate Social Responsibility is a form of Corporate Self regulation integrated into a business model towards Society and compliance to Ethical standards and national norms. CSR activities reflects the Organizations social awareness and support actions for some social cause, contribute to social economic development of the communities, help the lives of weaker sections of the society and raise the human capital sustainability in the Country.

Abhyudaya HR is into CSR initiatives and activities before foundation of Abhyudaya HR Business Trust through “SNEHAM” foundation. We have carried out different Human development programs through Sneham foundation in rural areas of Yanam, Kakinada, Ongole, Rajahmundry localities. We have organized Life Skill development, Personality Development, Education awareness programs in these areas regularly.

We are contributing 20% of our margins towards CSR activities and executing Human skills development, Women empowerment, Health Camps, Sponsoring to the future professionals and Rehabilitation activities.

Our rural development and Human development activities into following key areas and are folded into single goal to encourage and reach our support to poor, weaker section and potential candidates of the society.