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Oracle Right Now

Oracle Right Now

MNC-Cleint of AbhyudayaHR

Package: OpenL             Location: Bangalore / Hyderabad

Key skills: RightNow Technical  / Functional  

On date: 2018-09-25

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1. RightNow Technical  / Functional  
a. Has worked on at least 2 end to end RightNow Implementation projects.
b. Has solid knowledge on RightNow product functionality
c. Strong skills in Java, C#, .Net, HTML5 , PHP and CSS.
d. Strong skills in writing ROQL queries and establish integration with 3rd party application
e. Good knowledge on system configuration, profile settings , custom menus and fields
f. Has good experience in Administrator functionality, creating workspace, writing workspace rules, agent scripting, Agent Workflow and business Rules
g. Oracle Policy Automation
h.Marketing OUTREACH
i. Analytics reports
J. RightNow integration with CTI, email and Chat channels

Modules to be known:
 - Oracle RightNow Enterprise Contract Central Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service
 - Oracle RightNow Universal Core Service Tier 1 Sessions Service Period
 - Oracle RightNow Non-Contact Center User Cloud Service
 - Oracle RightNow Universal Policy Automation Tier 3
 - Oracle Policy Automation Agent Cloud Service

"1) Need to work in Morning and Night Shift
2) Need to resolve the incidents in an agreed target timeline depending upon the proirity
3) Need to meet  both response and resolution SLA on all the incidents reported
4) Need to follow the problem management process incase of Sev1 issues reported
5) Need to prepare & publish the RCA for all SEV1 issues
6) Need to provide the effort estimates on CEMLI defects / Enhancements
7) Develop the CEMLI code fix / enhancements as per Oracle standards
8) Need to perform unit testing / regression testing on the CEMLI Object changes
9) Need to prepare knowledge objects
10) Need to create release notes and Deployment Check list for the defects being addressed
11) Need to follow the change management process to move the code fix to production
12) Need to follow the configuration management to maintain code repository
13) Need to perform CEMLI impact analysis on  product upgrades
14) Need to analyse and implement improvements to add value to the services
15) Need to monitor & maintain SOA integrations
16) Need to support code deployments over the weekend and perform shake down testing
17) Need to prepare the shift handover report (Issue Log) to make sure the complete information on the open items are transfered to the next shift resources
18) Need to perform proactive monitoring and health check status to be recorded
19) Need to update the Technical & Functional specification documents on a regular basis to have the up to date functionality being documented"